TSA Book Reviews

Coming Soon: 

The launch of TSA Book Reviews Online. This initiative is the product of a collaboration between the TSA and Journal of Transatlantic Studies, and is designed to complement JTS Special Issues. We are currently redesigning the web platform to accommodate this initiative.

Kristin Cook (Secretary, Chair of the Publications Sub-Committee, TSA) and Michael Cullinane (Book Review Editor, JTS), with Alison Holmes (Publications Sub-­Committee, TSA), Ashley Cox (Web Manager)

special issue:

We are grateful to Routledge and to the JTS Editor, Alan Dobson, for arranging special access to a virtual issue of the Journal of Transatlantic Studies.

Those who wish to access the issue must simply register free with T&F/Routledge: http://www.tandfonline.com/r/jts-virtual-special-issue-2016.