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The Journal of Transatlantic Studies is the official journal of the Transatlantic Studies Association. It is a multi- and inter-disciplinary publication embracing history, international relations and security studies, literature and culture, economic and business history, transnational connections, and environmental studies. Themed issues are published regularly, and have covered the impact of 9/11, the Anglo-American relationship, NATO’s contemporary challenges, Canada and transatlantic relations, and US Secretaries of State.

Broadly speaking, the journal contains articles on relations between Europe and North, South, and Central America and the Caribbean. Editorial policy is suitably flexible about the inclusion of Africa. While the majority of articles will almost certainly be on North American relations with Europe, there is an editorial policy of including articles dealing with Spanish, or Portuguese or French speaking America (Dutch speaking America/Caribbean will be dealt with on a case by case basis).

Most contributions are about post-1945 or contemporary affairs, but articles covering any period of transatlantic relations are welcome.

The journal’s Editor is currently Professor Alan Dobson.

For more information, see the journal’s webpage