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The TSA was created in 2001 to bring together those scholars for whom the ‘transatlantic’ is an important frame of reference: historians, political scientists and International Relations, sociologists, cultural and literary theorists. Since its establishment the Association has become a significant multi-disciplinary venue and network, and its annual conference attracts a broad cross-section of scholars from across North America, Latin America, and Europe.

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Call for Papers 'Forging the American Century: World War II and the Transformation of U.S. Internationalism'

Nijmegen, the Netherlands, October 27-28 .

Disciplines and topics

We welcome scholars from all disciplinary and theoretical backgrounds to present fresh insights into the historical foundations of U.S. power and the international order it helped to create during and (immediately) after the Second World War. The following questions may be helpful in formulating contributions to this conference:

(1) How did the War and its aftermath change the practice of diplomacy? How did diplomats develop new strategies to reach out to the world? How did they coopt private initiatives or vice versa?

(2) How did individuals, companies, civic groups, and other “informal” diplomats shape America’s global presence during and after the war?

(3) How did the United States shape the international environment through its support for new diplomatic, financial, and economic institutions? To what extent did those new institutions shape U.S. actions?

(4) How did America’s new role in the world shape its domestic culture, politics, or society?

(5) How have Europeans, Asians, Africans, and Latin Americans resisted, negotiated, or welcomed the new American presence.

(6) How have processes of historical memory and (re)interpretations of World War II shaped U.S. internationalism in domestic and transnational contexts?

We are delighted to welcome these distinguished scholars to our conference: • Professor David Ellwood (Johns Hopkins University, SAIS Europe, Bologna) • Dr. Justin Hart (Texas Tech University); • Professor Bruce Kuklick (University of Pennsylvania)

Paper Proposals We invite proposals for 20-minute papers. Please send a 300 word abstract and brief biographical note to j.vandenberk@let.ru.nl by July 15, 2016

Please find the call for papers online at http://www.ru.nl/nas/research/conferences/forging-american-century/